Next Generation Audio – TV Audio Beyond 5.1

If you’re in the television industry you should already be aware that our current transmission technology is about to be supplanted by a completely new version, ATSC 3.0. This is not a new iteration, but completely new technology meant to put broadcasters on equal footing with streaming services, including the ability to deliver content to […]

Busy, Busy

Have been busy recently with a new full-time gig working in studio and on live events, now morphing into technical engineering. When it comes to work, it always pays to be flexible. However, taking on time consuming full-time work does not necessarily give anyone time to update weblogs. I’ll try to do better though. My […]

11th Annual AES Atlanta Student Workshop

The 11th Annual AES Atlanta Student Workshop is happening this coming Saturday. High School and College students who sign up will take classes from industry professionals who invest their time to insure mixers, producers, engineers, and artists of the future learn the fundamentals necessary to be successful and to make great sounding audio. This year’s […]

Pro Tools 12.2 Webinar

Just finished watching the Pro Tools 12.2 webinar and must say that I’m encouraged by the new plan structure, pricing, and included plugins. Support has now been broken away from the upgrade itself and customers can choose whether to purchase both or just the upgrade. They’ve also lowered pricing and have finally defined upgrades for […]