Beyond Mastering Pt 2

Have to say that this book is not exactly what I was expecting and delves into some fairly deep philosophical discussions which I may not currently be in the mood for because I’m having trouble getting through it without switching into skim mode. I hate to give up on books and haven’t done so on […]

Waves Plugin Sales

Waves is having these ridiculous sales all the time trying to lure us ever deeper into their plug-in lair. It’s very popular to knock Waves these days, mostly because of their handling of the TDM/Soundgrid transition, but their plug-ins keep delivering when I need them to so you won’t hear me criticizing them. Their stuff […]

In-Ear Headphones

I have a pair of Ultimate Ears Triple-Fi 10’s that my wife picked up from an Amazon Gold Box sale at 75% off. These things sound amazing, especially when used with Comply foam tips. Unfortunately for those of us who love these headphones, Logitech bought UE and killed off this line and also killed off […]

TC Electronic Video Blog

TC Electronic has announced a, “Video blog dedicated to audio professionals.” First peek at it reveals one introductory video and one video on calibrating the Clarity X monitoring system. Hopefully this won’t be just another way for them to shill their own products, but will also be a place to share actual information on audio […]

Dolby Tour

Just had a very nice visit with a friend at the new Dolby headquarters building in San Francisco. They have some amazing rooms in this building and are deep into testing immersive audio in preparation for ATSC 3.0. It was really nice to again be in audio rooms that were designed and built properly such […]

NuGen Audio Halo Demo

Just signed up to try out the beta of NuGen Audio’s new Halo upmix plug-in. Very cool looking but we’ll see how it performs and how it folds down. Most of the upmixer plug-ins are not terribly impressive so hopefully this one will be better and, fingers crossed, will really sound good.