11th Annual AES Atlanta Student Workshop

The 11th Annual AES Atlanta Student Workshop is happening this coming Saturday. High School and College students who sign up will take classes from industry professionals who invest their time to insure mixers, producers, engineers, and artists of the future learn the fundamentals necessary to be successful and to make great sounding audio. This year’s […]

More Traveling Voiceover Recording System Testing

Realized the initial traveling voiceover system I setup would require more testing because I had no compression or limiting in line and most voice artists have some dynamics processing engaged when recording. Tried a few different audio programs first to see if any were easier to use with minimal latency and found Twisted Wave to […]

New iOS Recording App from iZotope

iZotope have released a new recording application for iOS called Spire that is impressive so far and it’s also free. I’ve been making some test recordings with it and the software is a joy to use so far. It allows recording up to four tracks in a project and those tracks can be mono or […]