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I have a pair of Ultimate Ears Triple-Fi 10’s that my wife picked up from an Amazon Gold Box sale at 75% off. These things sound amazing, especially when used with Comply foam tips. Unfortunately for those of us who love these headphones, Logitech bought UE and killed off this line and also killed off replacement parts. This is a real problem because the cables tend to develop shorts in the over-the-ear area and need to be replaced periodically. This leaves us all scouring the bowels of the internet looking for replacement cables that don’t suck. I’m still looking for the perfect replacements but have been making do with some purchased off of Amazon (though they don’t bend over the ear), and have another set coming from eBay (which also don’t bend over the ear). I also found a company that custom makes the cables but they’re $150 each which seems like lot since we didn’t pay that much for the heaphones themselves. Still, they seem like excellent cables and I may eventually cave in and order one.

The other option of course is to find a replacement in-ear headphone that sounds as good and move on, but I haven’t found them yet. I tried a pair of AKG K3003i recently and they sounded good, but no better than the Triple-Fi’s, yet cost $999. While roaming through the Apple Store a few days ago I ran across the much more reasonably priced RHA MA750i and T20i in-ears and was very excited because I have a set of the MA450i’s which sound very good if you discount the incredible amount of cable transmission noise (which drives me nuts). Unfortunately the reviews of these headphones are not so great so I didn’t even bother to try to listen to them anywhere.

So it’s back to finding the right cable for the Triple-Fi 10’s and then scooping up a bunch of them (unless they’re $150 each).

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