Pro Tools 12.2 Webinar

Just finished watching the Pro Tools 12.2 webinar and must say that I’m encouraged by the new plan structure, pricing, and included plugins. Support has now been broken away from the upgrade itself and customers can choose whether to purchase both or just the upgrade. They’ve also lowered pricing and have finally defined upgrades for HD and legacy users. These changes and the fact that Avid are opening up communication to customers should make most users happy.

Some enhanced features have been added to the non-HD version of Pro Tools as well that make it an even more powerful bit of production software. New features for 12.2 non-HD are VCA masters, extended metering (17 meter types including gain reduction), and disk caching.

What makes me happiest of all is that Tim Carroll is now the Vice President of Audio Products. I’ve known Tim a very long time since he helped me cobble together a faux synclavier-like audio sampling and editing system for a previous employer. He worked for Digidesign before they were purchased by Avid, so he has a long history with Pro Tools. He’s also a PT user and an incredibly smart guy who is just the right person to move the products forward. The positive strides evident in today’s webcast signal that the right people are now, finally, in charge.

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