The Answer for Cassette Warble

The last post covered my decision to use Revoice Pro 3 to repair the warble (aka wow and flutter) in a cassette recording where the tape was obviously worn in spots near one end. Using Revoice Pro for this still seems like a good possibility if I can spend more time learning the nuances of the program but it’s a lot tricker to do with full mixes than it is with isolated vocal tracks and I really want to get this project out the door. I ended up trying a few other pitch tools, including Melodyne and even gave Capstan a few more tries (high res mode works better). The solution turned out to be the Spectral Repair Tool in iZotope RX5, the same program used for the other restoration work on this tape. There are a handful of options available in the Spectral Repair Tool and between them I was able to clean an entire track in a relatively short amount of time.

I’ve attached a video that shows the cleanup of two spots in the track using the ‘replace unwanted event’ option but almost all of the options (other than fast replace) were required at different spots in the track. Hope the video gives you an idea of how the process works

Now on to the rest of the tape…

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